Sunday, November 22, 2009

Atlanta Safari

Well, I'm sure I don't have to tell you, that I am crazy behind in my blogging. When I started noticing my blog listed last on other people's blogs (as in NOT updated recently).. I knew it was time to fix it. I had all kinds of intentions of writing up the blogs during the week while working in Pensacola with no internet. But when we got to Pensacola, we were informed that we did have internet. I got sidetracked, then after multiple evenings of messing with the configurations on my computer, still no internet, and no blogs. Oh well.

On to the point of this actual post. My parents and sister came to visit me in Atlanta! I was so excited to get to show off the city and our home. My mom helped us move in so she hadn't seen our place since I had gotten everything set up and all homey. It was my dad's 1st time to see our place and his 1st real time in Atlanta. I think he had stopped by Stone Mountain once back in the 70s or something.. :)

I had a great time planned for us, including hitting up multiple Atlanta eats, some favorites and some new ones. We of course hit up the Marietta Diner.. a must see for anyone who comes to visit us. Just a warning for any of you who are considering it.. (Mindy!!!!)

On Saturday we spent the morning checking out one of the local malls then heading down south of Atlanta to Pine Mountain for the Wild Animal Safari. The highlight of the weekend! Originally I had thought Pine Mountain was a lot closer.. so we were totally gung ho. Then we discovered it was really about 1 hour and 45 mins from our apt. Once we discovered that, we strongly considered changing our plans, but since we had nothing else in mind.. we just went on ahead. TOTALLY WORTH IT!!

We rented this beat up old 15 passenger van with no legit windows. Just openings where the windows should have been and bars to keep you from falling out.. or to keep the animals from coming it. Whichever you considered more of a problem. We purchased 2 large bags of animal food and began our journey. We were immediately greeted with all kinds of animals ready for some yummy (or not so yummy, in my opinion) food. There were all kinds of slobbery tongues making their way into our van. Unfortunately we were able to feed the zebras or any other horse-like animals... but we did get to pet them!

After the drive-thru animal safari, we headed to the walk about where we had tons of fun picture opportunities and some fun animals to see - including kangaroos! The kangaroos were a bit boring though, as we waited for about 10 mins before seeing one even pretend to jump. Lame. Close to the end we came across one of the walk-workers who so kindly let us (well everyone except for me, since I 100% refused) hold her yellow (I have no idea what kind) snake.

And since it's been a month since then... I don't remember too many more details than that. Oh except for the fact that we went to see 'The Box" which was a totally odd movie. Anyways... so here are some pictures from our weekend to show just how AWESOME it truly was. We're anxiously waiting our next set of visitors so we can check out even more eats and hot spots of Atlanta.

So here are a few snapshots of our eating fun in Atlanta. Don't those cakes look DELICIOUS?? yum yum. and those funnel cake fries.. and those garlic butter rolls. oh my.

A few snapshots of the fam enjoying the animals on the safari. Check out that giraffe! He was so curious!

Pictures of some of the beautiful animals. They were so much fun! Look at the little fawn with all the white spots! So cute.

Some of the fun props in the walk-about. We enjoyed them thoroughly. :)

and the beloved snake. take note... I was not included in this. Snakes completely creep me out. I'm surprised I was that close without hyperventilating.

Monday, November 9, 2009

My Little Squirrel

Newton is actually a little squirrel. He likes to collect acorns in our apartment complex while we are out on walks. He gets extra excited if he's able to sneak them inside without me remembering to make him spit them out. I usually let him keep one to chew on for all his hard work. Gotta love him!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who Dun It?

Our class from church had a Who Dun It? murder mystery Halloween party this year! I had never been to one... so I was pretty excited about it. Aaron and I had originally signed up to just be detectives, but Aaron was asked to join in as Constable Painting - a bumbling English police officer. I decided to try to match up with his costume some, and found the perfect firewoman costume - I say firewoman because it was a dress! We each got some pretty spiffy hats from Party City to complete our ensembles. We were even able to get Aaron a bobby! He was an English police officer after all. The place was hoping with all kinds of fun costumes, including a group dressed up as the Scooby Doo team! Now they were some real detectives! They even won the most creative costume and shared their prize of glow in the dark bracelets with the rest of us. There was tons of great food as well to keep us occupied in between rounds of Who Dun It. My favorite was the awesome mini pumpkin cheese balls. They were amazing. I will be making them soon... probably not as pumpkins though.
The murder mystery went great. It was pretty hilarious listening to everyone try to do fake accents and such. We even suspected Aaron for a little while. Come to find out, it was Jeremy, the local townsman, Who Dun It.

Pre-party. Newton and I sporting our Halloween costumes. Shortly afterward I gave Newton the costume for a chew toy. It was a bit snug, so I was pretty such it wasn't worth holding on to till next year. And I got it on super duper clearance at Target. He loves chewing on it.. especially the velcro part. Weird.

Well you know who we are... and our costumes are quite obvious. :)

The Scooby Doo Group. They did a great job.

The best cheese balls I've ever had. Delicious. I've already inquired for the recipe.

The Who Dun It characters

He did it!!!

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