Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bahamas Cruise: Sailing Day and Day 1 - Grand Bahama Island

So I've been meaning to post about the cruise, and I said I would.. but I've just been going nonstop.  It's hard to keep up!

Rachel and I boarded the cruise ship on Monday around lunch time and we were able to enjoy the sites of Miami and some yummy food.  We didn't do much that day except enjoy being on the ship and soaking  up lots of sun. 


So ready for our cruise!

Sail away party - I did convince Rachel to go out and dance for the Cuban Shuffle.

We ate all our dinners at Palace Restaurant which was so delicious.  In my opinion, the dinner on the first night was the best.  I had red snapper and lobster.  I love lobster but I don't get to eat it to often, so when I do, it's a treat!  

Waiting for our table
My red snapper and lobster
 Enjoying our dinner.
Disregard the wet floor sign... Rachel's drink was spilled.

My beautiful sister


Tuesday morning we arrived at Grand Bahama Island and headed over to explore Port Lucaya before heading to the beach.
Port Lucaya was beautiful! I loved all the beautiful colors on their buildings and furniture.  They even had multi colored umbrellas everywhere.

Our beach time was pretty relaxing.  We just laid out in the sun (Rachel got so burnt!) and played in the water.  I have a waterproof case for my camera, so we had a lot of fun trying to capture some of our fun.  haha.

Hanging on the beach

 I spent a lot of my time reading on the Nook.  It was perfect!

Back on the cruise ship, staying covered up, trying to avoid a burn.

Yummy steak for dinner!

Day 1 was a success! More to come!

Monday, June 6, 2011

In 60 days...

I woke up this morning to these beautiful photos.

Abby - 7, Ellie - 5, Katie Joy - 1

Aren't our nieces absolutely adorable?  The pictures served as a wonderful reminder...
In exactly 60 days... we are boarding a plane (plus 2 more) and heading to Mozambique, Africa to visit these sweet girls and their parents!!!

For those of you that don't know, Aaron's brother (Alan) and his wife (Rachel) serve as missionaries over there.  They've been there for quite awhile and we've yet to visit, so we decided that this is the year!

We are really excited about our upcoming adventure and spending time with our sweet family on their turf!  Of course I'll share some photos and experiences on the blog once we get back.

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