Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall on the Farm

This weekend Aaron and I got to go to a farm with some friends to enjoy some festive fall activities! We had a wonderful time playing with the farm animals, watching the pigs race, picking out our first pumpkin, going through the haunted woods and a corn maze and of course hanging out with our wonderful friends. We had an amazing time!! Here are some pictures from our awesome time.

Our group: The Howells, Michells, and Mehaffeys @ the Honeysuckle Hill Farm

Aaron and I posing with some pretty pumpkins.
There was a fun pig race. All the pigs had really funny names such as Kevin Bacon, Tim Pigraw, and Ms. Piggy.

Aaron and I tested being farm hands... although they didn't trust us with the real cow. Aaron's favorite part was quizzing the group with random cow facts. Got milk?

Playing in the pumpkin patch!

Check out our wheelbarrow full of pumpkins. Aaron and I also picked out our first pumpkin. Not really though... there weren't many of the $5 ones left so we were quite limited.

Check out the old men taking a nap on the hay!
Once it got dark Brad read us the legend of Scream Creek then we went on the Haunted Woods. It was slightly creepy!! I definitely got frightened when the man with the chainsaw started chasing us. Funny story for the evening: Rachel was even more terrified than I was about the Haunted Woods but we convinced her to go. At one point I said "Rachel hold my hand" however this massive 200lbs+ creepy, bloody guy heard me saying that and kept following her around saying "Rachel" in the most creepy voice ever.
Complete Fall on the Farm Album

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pigs and Ice

This past Thursday Aaron and I attended our first Preds game! Somehow a guy from church got all these extra tickets so there were about 16 of us from Tusculum there. We sat with the Mehaffeys and Mitchells. We had a great time eating at Jack's Bar-B-Que downtown and watching the game. Too bad they lost...

Honey, I Shrunk the Sweater

So... remember that sweater Aaron wore on our trip to the Smokies?? (See post below) Well here's what it looks like now. It got mixed in with all our other dirty clothes and therefore got washed and dried. There is no hope... we even tried washing it again and stretching it out while wet. Guess we will be passing this along to my 4-year old cousin.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Smokies Getaway

This past weekend Aaron and I were able to take a 3 day weekend trip to the Smokies! We had an incredible time with such wonderful weather and beautiful scenery. We stayed in Pigeon Forge so we were able to experience the whole parkway with the glorious traffic. However, along with that we were able to find some really neat back country roads with interesting sites to see. On Friday we ventured though Gatlinburg to the Smokies for a little bit of site-seeing. It was raining quite a bit when we left but just misting when we got there. There were some absolutely beautiful views. I made Aaron pull over a few times (there were stop offs every 100 feet) so I could catch the different scenes. We also did a mini hike before heading back into town. Friday night we ate at this great restaurant called "The Old Mill" It was yummy home-cooking, however WAY too much food for one person to eat. I ordered the porkchop dinner... I did not realize that it came with 2 porkchops, 2 sides, bread, and soup. Goodness we were stuffed. While we were visiting the Smokies we got to do some great stuff like ride the sky lift, walk the strip in Gatlinburg, shop at the largest "As Seen on TV store", eat tons of pancakes, and most importantly spend some quality time together making great memories. Here are some additional pictures from our trip.

The yummy old mill restaurant. We were killing some time. The wait time was almost 2 hours. We walked around the whole Old Mill square and then went down the street to a book store before it was close to our turn. Long wait, but worth it.
This is the actual face I made when I saw how much food I had. I told Aaron we should have split....
We went and visited Wonderworks... some indoor attractions place. We were too cheap to pay for the good stuff so we just posed with the paintings on the wall and played in the gift shop.

On Saturday Aaron and I toured the Gatlinburg strip and rode the SkyLift. There was a neat little gift shop up there and some good views of the city and the mountains.
Enjoying some carmel apples on the strip. Not as good as my inlaws' but good enough for the occassion.

Some random shots in the park
After our visit to "The Christmas Place" and about to head back home.

The cute ornanment we bought at the Christmas Place. Getting ready for the Holiday season. :)
Complete Smokies Album

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Holiday World!!

So if you live anywhere near Santa Claus, Indiana then you should definitely go and check out Holiday World sometime! A group from our young professionals group at church went on a Saturday in August and we really enjoyed it. I don't really care too much for wooden roller coasters (they really rattle you around a lot) but we had some good experiences on them. However, my favorite part was Splashin' Safari which is the attached water park. I am absolutely in love with water parks. The park is great because there are free sunblock stations all around and free soft drink oasis. (although it's Pepsi) Here are a few pictures of our fun times:

Drying my shorts from the little accident....
Riding in the Ghost Busters car...
The diver that put herself on fire...
The weird boys...
Eating the gingerbread man...
Nicole and I...The fuzzy bear that Brad won for Mindy...
Mindy and I hanging out with Santa... (those are our innocent faces)
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