Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Celebrating Labor Day

Ok, so as usual, my excuse is that life is crazy busy which is why my blogging has been so infrequent lately. I'm finally settled in Atlanta and I now have all my pictures and sorts organized on one computer, so hopefully I can start doing some updates again.
Aaron and I were lucky enough to celebrate Labor Day weekend with Aaron's folks. They drove over from Memphis... I'd like to think it was just to spend time with us, but I know that just isn't true. Atlanta offers tons of eating places that they used to visit frequently in Houston, but no longer have access to in Memphis, so of course we tried to hit up as many of them as possible during their short stay. Honestly, the weekend was pretty much centered on where we would be eating.. that was our entertainment. Well, that and a Braves game. :) It was my very 1st major league baseball game and I really enjoyed it. Hopefully we'll be able to catch a couple more next season. And of course, what's a visit to Atlanta without stopping in the IKEA store?

Aaron and I showing off Fuddruckers. This picture was sent to a few family members to make them jealous and wish they were with us. :) Of course we ate there twice in one weekend!

Aaron chillaxing in some weird chair at IKEA. We had a lot of fun checking out the store and we currently have a list of things we plan on getting from there as soon as we can get down there.

Aaron and I at the Braves game. The weather was very nice and the company was too.

Just a picture I took at the Braves game.

After the game there was a fireworks show. Unfortunately our seats had to be evacuated due to where the fireworks were to be shot off at. We headed out to the car but were able to watch some of the fireworks from outside the field. I really like this shot.

Pappasitos - this was the 1st time I had ever been and I absolutely loved it. Aaron and I split some steak, chicken, and shrimp fajitas. We were so full and not even able to finish it all. yummy. We also had some Pappadeaux that weekend... talk about delicious. :)

Aaron and I enjoying the beautiful outdoors at Pappasitos. This was right before I caught my toe on their door heading back inside. Right then we started heading to our tables and I started getting very light headed and my vision became very blurred. I walked into a section of the restaurant looking for Aaron and Byron and I couldn't see them but I wasn't sure if it was because they weren't in there or because I just couldn't see them. Shortly thereafter my hearing got pretty bad for awhile. I was afraid I was going to be that person that passed out in a restaurant and the ambulance comes and then everyone is just looking at you.. i'm glad I survived. :)

the in-laws in front of the Marietta Diner. It was our 1st time to visit. We ate lightly from their breakfast menu as we were saving room for some Fuddruckers for lunch. Their displayed desserts looked amazing... so we will be going back soon to try out the lunch/dinner menu. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Newton!

Happy 1st Birthday Newton!!
September 2, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clothing Critic

Well my 5 year old cousin (boy-cousin) is an official clothing critic. I'm not going to lie - I like to change straight into some comfy pajama pants and a t-shirt once I get home... but since I am not currently staying in my own home, I've been opting for athletic pants and what I like to refer to as "lounge pants". This evening I offered to take James to McDonalds for dinner (his favorite). James responded with "but you're in your pajamas!" I then responded with, "No, I'm in athletic pants! Would you like me to go put on some jeans and then go to McDonalds?" His response: "yeah, I would really like that."
I didn't realize I was looking like a slob - but James sure thought so!

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