Sunday, October 31, 2010

Philly Recap

So here's a little recap of my Philly trip. I'll be posting some specific event blog posts over the next few days.

Successful flight from ATL to Philly
Almost unsuccessful meet-up with Tara at the airport
Train into the city
Slight bit of wandering around to find our hotel
Freshen up
More wandering to find a restaurant suggested by my neighbor on my flight (Buddakan)
Restaurant was totally crowded.. no openings till 10. We were starving.
More wandering....
Stumbled upon Farmicia Restaurant
Fabulous dinner with cookies and ice cream and chatting
Back to hotel
Planning for Saturday
Night Night

Good morning!
Must get coffee! (Tara) Must get coke! (Erin)
Must get food! (Both)
Cutest coffee shop, EVER... that we just so happened to find. Flying Monkey!
Also the best cream cheese danish I've ever had... and coke with real sugar in a glass bottle. fab-u-lous.
National Constitution Center
Pictures with flag
Signer's Hall
Pictures with George (Washington)
Independence Hall
Tara smells....
Pretty blue room = photo shoot
Liberty Bell
South Street = Philly Cheesesteak! Geno's
Christ Church
Cleopatra Exhibit @ the Franklin Institute
Sara Bareilles concert - standing concert.. feet and back hurt terribly
Dinner @ 11pm at Hard Rock
Feet soaking
Night Night!

Reading Terminal Market
Waterworks Brunch
Best crepe ever... think strawberries, nutella, fresh whip cream, chocolate...
Martha Stewart... no we didn't see her.. just her signature. Tara's obsessed.
Outdoor photos...
Philadelphia Museum of Art... aka Rocky steps
Running the steps.. (well part of them)
Jumping photo shoot
LOVE statue
Penn's landing
Dinner at Cuba Libre
Receipt in a cigar box...
Spirits of '76 Ghost Tour
Feet soaking
Night Night

4:15am wake up
6:00am flight (sleep from before take off until landing...)
Work by 10:00am
Left work at 4:00pm... nap time.

See photos here: Philly Photos

Friday, October 29, 2010


It's hard to say goodbye to such a loyal, trust worthy, trendy, and beautiful friend... but sadly it's time.

Some time between the Liberty Bell and the Cleopatra exhibit on my Philly trip.. my lovely sunglasses broke in two. It was a pretty devastating experience. They were beautiful and had such a short life. I remember when I purchased them... May 4, 2010. I remember this because the first time I wore them in public was with friends for Cinco De Mayo on the patio at Uncle Julios... I was a bit hesitant to see if I could pull off the trendy "semi-big" sunglasses. After some encouragement from my friends, I whipped them out and I've been wearing them ever since... well until 2 weekends ago. Ever since I've made it home, the 2 broken pieces have laid sadly at the bottom of my suitcase.. (mainly because I'm a bit too lazy to unpack).

Oh how I loved those sunglasses.... They really got me through the summer! They've been to 5 different countries (cruise...), 9 states, Disney World, various beaches, family reunions, multiple weddings, etc... It was a good summer...

One of the last pictures:

Of course, I couldn't just wander around a bright and shiny city without sunglasses for the rest of my trip, so I stopped in to CVS.. and well here's the new pair:

They'll do... ;)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Philly Cheesesteak (Philly Style!)

Isn't this fall weather so wonderful?? I will have to say that I am definitely one of those people that is holding on to summer with all I have... I just absolutely hate the winter. I don't like when it's cold and dark.. boo. With that being said, since I am usually wishing for more 90+ degree days, people probably don't realize that I actually love fall too. :)
Anyways, in celebration of fall and for the continued goal of my sanity.. I hopped on a plane last Friday and met one of my dear friends, Tara, in Philly for a fun-filled weekend. Of course we hit up most of the "popular" touristy sites and ate some amazing food but everyone knows you haven't really been to Philly.. until you've had a Philly Cheesesteak.
Now, we did some research.. internet, magazines, and friends.. and we were told.. if you want a real Philly cheesesteak.. you have to hit up South street. We also heard to never ask anyone in Philly where the best cheesesteak is.. or fights may break out.
We ventured out to South street and came across these 2 places....

Both were very popular and very very crowded... there were lines wrapped around the buildings. We settled on Geno's and took our place in line. Is it shameful that one of our deciding factors for Geno's was that the line was more in the sun than Pat's? It was kind of a windy day...

After about 30 mins in line... and some luckiness on our part... we snagged a table right under the overhang.. where we could still soak up a teeny-bit of sun while feasting on our fabulous Philly Cheesesteaks.

more to come on the Philly trip... until then: Peace, Love, and Philly Cheesesteaks! :0

Friday, October 15, 2010

Amazing pancakes

Ok, so this guy makes some pretty amazing pancakes. Check them out!

Jim's Pancakes

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Have you heard of Antico? Have you tried Antico?
All of a sudden, several of our friends were raving about it. "Best pizza in Atlanta", "Real authentic Italian pizza".
Well if you know me, then you know that I heart pizza and Italian is my fav! So of course we had to go check it out. We joined up with the Tarps to go see what all the fuss was about on Friday night.
Well, here's the verdict. The pizza is AMAZING. :) I will definitely go back sometime in the near future.
Here are some things to note if you are considering Antico in the near future...
1. Get there early, or you will have no where to sit. We got our pizza in to-go boxes and ate outside on a curb. The seating is set up with large almost picnic-like tables.... it's just big 'ole community eating.. We got there a little too late to squeeze in to a table. If you have a party of 8 or more, you can do reservations.

2. Take your own coke.. or whatever you want to drink. Since there are no official seats.. you don't have a waiter or waitress to bring you a drink and refills.. you have to buy by the bottle at the register. They allow you to bring your own drinks. However, the cute aluminum coke bottles may be worth paying for. :)

3. Try a cannoli or Yogli Mogli. Ok this is slightly random.. but they really did have some yummy looking cannolis.. and we heard good things about the tiramisu. We however decided to venture on to Yogli Mogli since none of us had had it before. Another A+ to the evening.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hoover on over...

Well, sadly, my little red Eureka, one of my most prized wedding gifts, has gone on to vacuum land. It's a bit depressing.. I mean she was less than 3 years old.
Aaron never fully appreciated her... I was able to enjoy her in all her glory for a month or so before we got married.. but then he came along and she gave us trouble. Luckily, the first time she was till covered under warranty.. 2nd time, not so much. 3rd time.. well Aaron sent her packing.
Some of you may know, but I'm pretty particular about vacuuming if I know people are coming over, however I also usually don't vacuum unless people are coming over. Well of course that put me in a tight spot when my little red Eureka decided to crap out the day before we had guests coming to town.
Aaron and I headed right up the street to Target and purchased this little beauty.

She's pretty awesome. I love her for multiple reasons. 1. she's green. 2. she's light 3. she hasn't given me problems thus far...
But the reason I love her the most...

The retractable cord! Fabulous! Best idea ever!

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