Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Emory - 5 months

Happy 5 months to Emory!  (plus 15 days... because I'm a bit of a slacker this month)

Emory - 
I can't believe how fast you are growing up.  Every day you seem to be just a little bit bigger and doing just a little bit more.  You roll over onto your tummy like a pro these days and usually end up on your hands and knees like you are just one move away from crawling towards me.  Your coos and giggles are turning into even more beautiful (and sometimes crazy) sounds and recently you are all about sticking your tongue out and blowing spit bubbles.  Sometimes you give us hysterical cackles.  We love them! 

You are so close to sitting up and I'm really excited about that! You don't really love laying on your back too much anymore.  You want to see the world around you and not just the ceiling.  Right now you can sorta sit up by sitting on your bottom but then you're bent all the way over. I'm not quite sure that's considered sitting up... but it's still cute and fun.

You're eating baby food about once a day now (when I remember...)  So far you've had zucchini squash, regular squash, and sweet potatoes (most made by momma!)  You are really enjoying it now, even though you weren't quite so sure at first.  Now you get upset if I take too long in between bites!

You're also slightly obsessed with your toes.  You grab them all the time and stick your toes in your mouth!  Guess we need to make sure we keep those little feet extra clean.

You make us laugh and smile and we are truly blessed to have you.  

Love love. 

Oh and Emory got this adorable shirt from a friend... So cute!

And here's Emory sleeping while floating... he's pretty talented.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Happy First Fathers Day!

This past weekend was Aaron's first Fathers Day.  It's hard to say we actually celebrated.. since we were at the beach, and that's not one of Aaron's most favorite things ever.  But our family of 3 will make sure to celebrate together soon.  

Emory and I are truly been blessed to have Aaron.  He is working on his PhD with such dedication all while watching Emory 4 days a week and spending lots of time with us on the weekend.  I know it's not easy for him but I am so thankful that he's been the one watching over Emory when I go to work each day.  I know things will change soon, but it's been a true gift these last couple of months. 

Aaron - thanks so much for being an awesome daddy.  I had no doubt you would be.  

We love you.  
And he apparently loves us too since he spent his first Fathers Day on the beach… :)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

We always try to make the most of any time off work, so we usually travel somewhere when we have long weekends.  But this year, we already had plans to travel the following weekend after Memorial Day, so we decided to stay in Atlanta for a little stay-cation and it was fabulous!  

We kicked off the weekend with a drive-in movie.  There are so many good movies coming out this summer that we want to see, but we don't want to have to get a babysitter each time.  So the drive-in is a perfect solution.  The weather was great.  It was a bit chilly later in the evening, but we were able to cuddle up under blankets and enjoy the movie.  Emory watched about half of it and then he slept in his car seat the rest of the time. 

Saturday was spent hanging out at home and then we went over to the Katie, Allen, and Noah's house. We grilled out hamburgers.  Emory got his first taste of watermelon.  After dinner, we took Emory and Noah to the park for some fun, but they didn't last too long.  Once we got back and the babies went to sleep, we played a fun game of Settlers of Catan.

Sunday was church, lunch with friends, Sunday afternoon naps, and... drive-in again! Star Trek twice. Mainly because our friends invited us to join them.. and mentioned s'mores.  I love s'mores and they knocked another item off Summer 2013 bucket list.

Monday, we decided to meet up with Katie, Allen, and Noah at Zoo Atlanta.  After living in Atlanta for almost 4 years, we still hadn't made it to the zoo.  Although we know Emory won't remember anything about it, we still had fun spending time together as a family and with friends.  :)

Sweet Noah

Lions.  We even heard one roaring later. 


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