Sunday, April 15, 2012

September - October 2011 Summary

Yeah.. I'm crazy behind in my blogging.  And the idea of trying to catch up seemed a bit overwhelming.. but I didn't want to leave all the past stuff out.. so I just put it off.  But here I am. Attempting to catch up.  In a quick summary sort of way.

We had a mini-vacation with Andrew, Krystle, and Ethan at the beach.  They had been down in Mobile for the week for vacation and visiting Krystle's family so we met them on the tail end.  Krystle's uncle owns a condo in Orange Beach, so we were able to stay for free, which was a huge plus.  We played games in the evening (bonaza mainly), and ate popcorn and cookies.  Just how we like our game nights.  On Saturday, we went to the beach.  Ethan liked the water, but hated the waves!  Saturday afternoon/evening, Ethan stayed behind with Krystle's dad and the adults all went shopping, hibachi dinner, ice cream, and putt putt.  Fun times!

I also took some family pictures for them on the beach and I think they turned out pretty well... even though everyone was squinting because the sun was sooo bright.

And Krystle snapped this good one of us.  Love it.

My mom and sister came to visit in October.  I took them to downtown Roswell for dinner at Swallow in the Hollow.  We all loved it.  There was some Wii dancing.  Saturday, the girls went to the World of Coke and had lunch at Googie Burger in Centennial Park.  It was a great weekend.

The last weekend in October, I photographed a wedding in Memphis with my friend Lauren.  Loved getting to see my friend.. and we also took Christmas card photos for each other. :)

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