Monday, June 21, 2010

Missing Mehaffeys

We miss our Mehaffey friends...
How lucky are we that they decided to spend their anniversary in good 'ole Atlanta? Unfortunately we were actually heading out of town.. but we made sure to meet up for a real quick visit at Cold Stone Creamery!
And even though Mindy didn't find our visit important enough to blog about.. I did. So here are some pixs!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh the Beach...

My friend Lauren and I hit up the beach (and the outlet malls.. sssh!) recently. Since it was just the two of us.. laying all the beach all day.. we didn't take tons of pictures, except when we went out to eat for dinner. hehe.

Glad we made it before the oil got there. We had a pretty much free vacation. We stayed at my great-aunt and uncle's place while they were out of town. All we paid for was gas and food. Perfect vacation! :)

Cruising (actually sitting at a red light.. but you get the gist)

Totally drenched from a random downpour one day.

Beautiful sunset

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cruise Detour to Disney

Wow! I've been a horrible blogger lately. Life has been great lately, and very busy. I successfully made it though busy season (whoo hoo!) and Aaron and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary. (another whoo hoo!) The 1,103 pictures I took on our trip just overwhelmed me... so I've kinda been putting it off. We leave in 1 week for family reunion #1 for the year... so since I am already so far behind.. I figured I better get started on posting. Since there are so many pictures and because we did so much, and for sanity purposes, I'll be posting about our trip in multiple posts over the next couple of days. Hoping to get semi-caught up before the rest of the summer hits full force.

We actually had a little bit of a tweak in plans for the cruise, one of my best friends (Maggie) and her husband (Hunter) decided to come along to. I'm glad they came.. I had a sun friend and Aaron and Hunter could hang out reading in the shade. We also played games every single night. fun times.
Alright.. so the 1st part of the trip, which seemed like a vacation all in itself was DISNEY WORLD! yep.. that's right the big 'ole WDW. We actually didn't go into any of the theme parks because they are EXPENSIVE.. especially for one day passes... We actually got a room at the Hilton in Downtown Disney, which included 4 complimentary tickets to Disney Quest which is an indoor virtual theme park type of thing. I thought Aaron would love it since it was inside, I was right.

On our way over to Disney, we stopped in Celebration, FL which is a cute little town designed by Disney. Think Pleasantville.

Then we headed on over to Downtown Disney to hit up all the sites.

Once in Disney Quest we played human pinball, built and rode our own virtual rollercoaster, killed aliens, shot cannons at pirate ships, virtual whitewater rafting, and rode on magic carpets. It was so much fun!! I'm glad that we were able to experience a different part of Disney.

After a fun-filled day at Disney Quest, Aaron and I headed out for date night at Disney World. We ate at an energy packed restaurant called the Whispering Canyon Cafe then headed back to Downtown Disney to see the night life and get dessert. We hit up the Candy Cauldron for some ridiculously priced but awesomely delicious chocolate covered strawberries and Ghirardelli for their famous hot fudge sundae. (just like the one we got in San Francisco on our 1st anniversary!)

Whew what a busy day and we hadn't even made it to Miami yet!!

Cruise Detour to Disney Complete Album

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