Thursday, December 30, 2010

Professor Newton

Newton doesn't own any clothes... well at least he didn't. We weren't those people... but then we saw the perfect cordouroy jacket at Target for $2.50 and we couldn't resist. (it even has pockets!) And guess what? He loves it. (We treated it like it was a treat/privilege to have... and one time when he got in trouble, I took it off.. so now he thinks it's the best thing ever.)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hearty equation...


hearty, yummy, delicious food.

I received the cookbook from a blog contest I entered for a great Polynesian Porkchop recipe (will share soon) and the Kitchenaid Mixer for Christmas. :) Sorry for the crappy cell phone quality pictures.. I lent my mom the cookbook for the week (she loves it too!) and I was too lazy to take a real picture of the mixer.
I'm really excited about all the possibilities.... yum.

Note: I bought the cookbook for my MIL for Christmas and would have done the same for my mom if I hadn't already purchased her gift. It's amazing.

Monday, December 13, 2010

2010 Holiday Craft

Each Thanksgiving, Aaron's mom organizes a family craft. Luckily for me, the years we are with my family, she always saves some of the materials for me, so I can make my own. This year we spent Thanksgiving with Aaron's side of the family, although many were missing. We made a much need Christmas card holder.
Check it out.

See 2009 and 2008 crafts

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Deck the Halls!

Well I got pretty much all my Christmas decorations up this weekend. I've still got the kissing ball to hang. (Well, that task is for Aaron... ) and I also want to get a Christmas wreath to hang on the window pane I have in the dining room, since I decided to use mine on the mantle this year.

So here it is:

Our view from the couch... also where most of the Christmas decorations are. This year was the first year for me to hang garland on the mantle, and I love it.

Our stockings, hung by the chimney with care.

My Christmas decoration purchases for the year. I love them. Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby and their 50% off. :)

Found these glittery pine cones in my Christmas box and decided to add to the mantle with the garland.

I change out the items in my mantle vase every once in awhile... and this is what I decided on for Christmas. :)

Early Christmas present from my mother-in-law. Proudly displayed on the coffee table.

The table all decorated.. with berries, a mini tree, and table confetti.

We are "those people" that have a coordinated tree... so I haven't been able to display some of my special ornaments the past few years. This year I decided to purchase a small tree dedicated to the cause.

Some of my special ornaments:
Harding University (where Aaron and I attended college); Africa, with Mozambique outlined (Aaron's oldest brother and his family are missionaries in Mozambique. Africa also holds a special place in my heart, as I went on 2 mission trips to Ghana with my church back in Memphis when I was in college); and a wedding ornament from my Grandma for our first married Christmas.

Growing up, my Grandma gave each of the grandkids a special ornament each year. My ornament was rocking horses. Now the rocking horses have a new tree to hang on. :)

Last but not least, our tree and tree topper.

Our tree is not living up to the splendor of 2008:
I've got to work on that... maybe fluff some branches or something.

Happy Decorating
Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Isn't he just a cutie??
I got to take a few pictures of my precious nephew and his parents over Thanksgiving. Even though the little photo session didn't go as planned, I still think we got some great shots. :)

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