Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a black friday to remember...

Just thought I would document my black Friday experience... although it's not too crazy, considering other people... just crazy for me.. and definitely not what I had planned on.

We decided to stay at Andrew and Krystle's new house on Thursday night, so we could check out the new place, spend some quality time, and get up early to go black friday shopping together...
After playing a round of Monopoly Deal, it was about 12am or so and we decided it would be good to go scope out Target and just see if there were a lot of people waiting. We loaded up in the car and off we went. We got to Target and there was NO ONE in line! Though there were 2 cars waiting in the parking lot. Of course, we had Andrew get out of the car, so we could document via photo.

Andrew and Krystle were wanting a new tv and Target had a killer deal. So we decided, instead of going home, and hoping to get back in time for Target's opening (4am).. we'd just hang out in the car at Target. Of course, first we needed snacks, games, and blankets to keep us occupied and ready for sleep, if need be.
We ran back to the house. The guys did their thing, then hopped in the other car and headed back to Target while Krystle and I got changed into comfy black friday shopping clothes, packed snacks, games, etc... then we headed to see if by any small chance McDonalds was open for some food... no such luck. After pulling out of McDonalds, we got a call from Andrew saying that when they got back to Target, there was already a line! Looked like we were camping out for the rest of the night. Krystle and I went back to the house and gathered 2 camping chairs, 2 sleeping bags, and 2 blankets and headed on to Target. We joined the guys in the freezing cold. The guys were nice enough to let us sit in the chairs and use the sleeping bags. I'm not quite sure how they survived with thin blankets out there.
At one point, Krystle and I created a fort with our sleeping bags and watched some of High School Musical (the only movie I have on my iPhone!)... until Krystle fell asleep that is... Sleep didn't last for long, since the Target manager came out with some information and had us organize the line.

At 3:55am, we rushed in, grabbed the tv and other goodies, and headed on to Walmart, then McDonalds. We hit the hay at 6:30am.
All in all, we had a great time, even though it was FREEZING outside. Thankfully, they got the tv!

A Shutterfly Christmas

I love Shutterfly! I share a lot of my personal photos on a Shutterfly share site and so does Two Girls and a Camera. I've also used Shutterfly to create fun photo books and photo gifts (mainly calendars). However, my one of my favorite things to create on Shutterfly is my Christmas card! I've used Shutterfly for the past 2 years and I have been very impressed with the style options, quality, and speed. The past 2 years I've used matte card stock cards, and I love them. I'm planning to stick with them again this year.
Here are our past 2 cards.

Somehow, over the past 2 years I've convinced my friends to take our Christmas card photos.. and this year we were able to meet up with the Tarpleys for a photo shoot. I took their photos, and Lauren took ours. Worked out real well! We found a random park not too far from our apartment that was just what we needed. :)

Can't wait to share this year's card with you...

Happy Holidays everyone!

Check out Shutterfly's products here:

Christmas photo card: http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-photo-cards
Cute calendars! : http://www.shutterfly.com/calendars
and they even have cute invitations!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Miss Me?

Have you missed me?
Sorry I've been MIA. I've been locked up in a windowless room in Midtown working on an audit for the past few weeks. It's almost over.. and then maybe I'll return to blog world.

Since my last post, I...

Went to Nashville with my photography buddy and awesome friend, Lauren, for a few photoshoots and to visit friends and family. While we were in Nashville, my brave sister took on the job of being a photographer for photographers. Whew. Lauren and I have very few pictures together, since we are always behind the cameras... so Rachel snapped some fun pictures of us.

We also joined one of my dearest friends, Laura, my sister, and another friend, Allison, and headed downtown for dinner.. and potential line dancing, which ended up not happening.

Instead, we went back to Allison's and did some Wii dancing. So. much. fun.
also, I am terrible.

Well I've done more stuff besides that... but my eyelids are starting to droop... so I'm signing off. Night!

If, I don't "see" you again before Thursday, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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