Saturday, August 27, 2011

Newton at Newtown Park

After 2 weeks of being away from our sweet puppy and then a low-key week at home, we decided it was time to spend some quality time at the park with Newton. I had heard that a nearby dog park got a Beneful Dream Dog Park makeover this summer, so we decided to go check it out. The park was awesome! It had fountains, a bridge and tunnels for the dogs to play in/on. Of course, once Newton found the pine cones, nothing else mattered! We had to throw the pine cone in the fountain. :)
Here are a few pictures of our day. 


Friday, August 26, 2011

Mozambique - Day 4: At Home and Guys/Girls Time

Every other Wednesday the adults of the missionary families get together for guys time and girls time.  This is time for the guys and girls to spend time together, talking about team stuff, making future plans, enjoying lunch, and spending time with God.
Wednesday was a pretty relaxing, low-key day.  We spent the morning at home playing with the girls and then the afternoon at respective guys/girls time at a local restuarant.

Here are some memories/highlights from Day 4, Wednesday:

*The girls got some sparkly masks and loved wearing them around.

*Katie loved putting bananas in a small gift bag.  Then she would hand one to me and then one to Aaron.  Then she would take them back and put them in the bag.  Repeat.

*We spent lots of time playing with the girls.  And the bike riding continued.

*Uncle Aaron became a jungle gym.

*Ellie and I jumped on the trampoline together... until we found a HUGE spider.  We quickly ran away.

*I enjoyed lunch and girls time with the missionary ladies at a local restaurant.  We spent time reading and praying Psalm 91.

*There is a military training base in Montepuez and we got to see some of the soldiers marching down the street on our way back home.

*We had fresh coconut on our Snow on the Mountain for dinner that night.

*Ellie loved her new clothes from Papa B and Nettie!

*Just some random photos. :)

More to come!! :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mozambique - Day 3: Nekwaya Village, home, team night

While Alan was in Pemba picking us up from the airport on Sunday, he learned that a church member in a nearby village had passed away.  There they do the burial on the day of death (I believe) and then a 3rd day ceremony.  Alan was under the impression that the 3rd day ceremony would be on Tuesday, so we got up early on Tuesday and headed to the village, Nekwaya, for the ceremony and to visit with the family and church members.  Turns out, the ceremony was actually on Monday, so we just spent time with the family.
That afternoon we played outside with the girls some more.  Abby enjoyed riding her new bike around and Ellie got her birthday present a little early, Abby's previous bike.
The Africa Howells serve with 2 other missionary families in Montepuez and Tuesday night is team night where they all get together for dinner, chatting, and games.  Since the Africa Howells had been in South Africa during Abby's birthday, they also celebrated Abby's birthday with the team that night.  We had a great time getting to know their teammates!

Some highlights/memories from Day 3:

*I was introduced as Elizabeth to all the Mozambicans since we decided that Aaron/Erin would be a bit confusing.
*Tuesday was our first experience of the very bumpy, very dusty roads of Mozambique, as the road from Pemba to Montepuez is paved.

*We experienced a little bit of car problems along the way, apparently that's normal missionary living in Mozambique.  

*We visited with family and friends of the church member who had passed away.  

*We met some members of the Nekwaya church.
*Mozambican children love getting their picture taken.  Ha.. well not just the children, the adults too.. but the children were very animated about it. 

*Katie Joy snuggled with Uncle Aaron in the backseat and took a long nap.  It was amazing how well she napped considering how bumpy the roads were.
*We saw some beautiful scenery on our way back to Montepuez.

*The girls spent more time playing outside.  Abby rode her new bike.  Ellie rode her new bike.  Some of the missionary kids came over to play.  One of the games they were playing was Narnia.  I thought it was funny when I came outside and saw one of them asleep on the stone outside.

*We met and visited with some Mozambican friends.

*Celebrated Abby's birthday at team night.

More to come!

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