Monday, August 31, 2009

Sand Painter

So I usually disregard most forwards... however my aunt insisted that I watch this video. Instead of trying to persuade anyone else to watch via a forward, I thought a blog post would do. This is a video of a Sand Painting artist who recently won Ukraine's version of "America's Got Talent". Check it out if you have time. It's a bit lengthy but will keep your attention the whole time!

Atlanta - home of Coke

I love Coke. Anyone who really knows me, knows that. So you better believe that visiting the World of Coke was top of my list of things to do in our new city. We boarded the Marta and headed downtown for some fun filled times... however we didn't know what kind of treat we were really in for. We soon realized that there was going to be a health care reform rally of sorts at the park downtown, based on the women carrying signs who were sitting right in front of us. Aaron was pretty positive that smack talk was soon to go down, once a women who was quite openly disgusted with the sign boarded the train. haha. Aaron and I decided it was worth swinging by the park and checking it out. After our bags were searched we joined the others, gathering our pocket constitutions along the way. :) oh my. what an experience.
After getting our fill of the rally, we headed on our way to the World of Coke. It was a pretty neat place. There were quite a few things to do and I especially loved the 4-D movie! My back was arched the whole entire time to keep from getting poked. I will have to say that I was slightly (just slightly) disappointed in the taste room, as I thought it was for tasting COKE from all around the world, when really it was Coke products from around the world. Not as cool. Aaron said it was because they strive to show Coke as a universal taste. Well I hate to break it to you Coke, but it's not a universal taste. Coke in Europe is different than Coke in Africa, which is different from Coke in America. It just doesn't taste the same and we really wanted to taste all those flavors! Not nasty exotic Fanta. gross. or Beverly from Italy. extra gross. Aaron was also looking forward to the "new coke" that came out in the 80s but quickly went away, but no such luck. Shortly after the not so yummy taste testing, I found the shining beacon in the far corner. The best room of all. The coke room. And that's where I stayed until it was time to leave. Of course we picked up our souvenir glass bottle of coke on our way out.
Now it's time to think of what our next Atlanta adventure will be...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

oh.... ok

Location: Jersey Mikes – order counter

Me: I’ll take a regular # 7 on white

Jersey Mikes Guy: How are you doing today?

Me: Pretty good, how ‘bout you?

Jersey Mikes Guy: I’m really hung over

Me: oh…. Ok

Jersey Mikes Guy: I’m not sure, but I think it’s because I drank a lot last night.

Me: oh…. Ok

Jersey Mikes Guy to next guy in line: I’m hung over, how are you?

PS. This guy was operating the meat/cheese slicer.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saying goodbye...

Well, it's been quite some time since my last post and things have been changing quite a bit. Aaron and I finished packing up the apartment and spent our last few days of us both still in Nashville spending time with friends and family. We had 2 different going away get-togethers with our church friends before we left. We were also able to spend time with some very special couples. Such wonderful blessings they have all been in our lives.
Here are a few snapshots of some final Nashville highlights:

Golfing with the Mitchells

Going away get-together at the Bakers. :)

Best Wishes Cake

Greeting my sister when she finally arrived back in the states!!!

Dinner and fun at 5 Guys

Last family picture at our apartment in Nashville

Guitar Hero and Pizza Night with the Mehaffeys!

Going away get together at Tusculum.

Saying goodbye to our 1st home.

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