Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Momma's back! (hopefully)

Momma's back!  I say momma because.. well, the last time I updated this blog, I wasn't even pregnant.  And now I have an almost 5-month old.  So I'm pretty much a complete slacker and let this little ole blog fall to the wayside.  I kept getting further and further behind.. and then I got pregnant.  We waited for so long to tell people, so I felt like there was nothing important to share because I couldn't share the most exciting news!  And then things got very busy and I never found the time.  But here I am!  I decided to get back to it so I could do a better job at documenting some of our fun times.

A couple of things.

*Most important thing first.  Meet: Emory Winter Howell
Born on January 4, 2013
Our joy.
(5 weeks old in this picture - now he's almost 5 months.  But this is one of my faves. - Thanks Auntie Lauren for taking it!)

*I finally passed my CPA exam.  Which is amazingly awesome.  Now I actually have free time in the evenings to do whatever I want to do (after Emory goes to bed of course).

*Aaron is still pursing his Ph.D at Georgia Tech and is an amazing daddy.

*Emory and I road tripped to Nashville for a cousin's wedding.  Loved getting to catch up with friends and family! :)

*Aaron and I just celebrated 5 years of marriage on May 17, 2013.  What an amazing 5 years it's been.  I think 2013 is my favorite so far. :)

(The 5 year anniversary is the wood anniversary.  Aaron got me this even though he hates knick knacks.  and I absolutely love it.)

*We made a 2013 Summer bucket list and we have already started knocking it out!
(Already complete: s'mores and drive-in movie)

*I celebrated my first Mother's day on May 12, 2013, all because of this little man.

Coming soon: Emory's first trip to the zoo!

oh.. and I finally updated the look of my blog since it had been about 3 years - go to my blog page to check it out if you use a reader. Hoping to get it cleaned up a little more soon  :)

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