Monday, November 18, 2013

Emory - 7 months

So.. here's the deal.  I take millions of photos.  Which means I get very behind on filtering through all of them and posting on this blog.  I have been keeping an ongoing list of things I want to blog about and I'm hoping to get a little more caught up soon.  (Let's be real.. I'll never be fully caught up).
So.. even though this is about 3 months late, I'll still blogging it so I can have it for myself. :) 

Emory turned 7 months old on August 4th.  This is about the time that he became VERY active so pictures have become a lot more difficult to take.  These pictures were taken a few weeks after turning 7 months as we were in the middle of moving.  Here he is in his new room.  Love our sweet boy and his active, curious spirit.

PS.  I seriously love dressing him in colored pants.  :)

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